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Canadians in the Civil War

Names Starting by "P"

  1. Pickle, Alonzo H. (CMH) , Minnesota 1st Infantry *
  2. Page Samuel, Maine 1st (Light Mounted) Artillery
  3. Page Thomas Nova Scotia Canada 54th Mass. Inf.
  4. Paradis Joseph C. , Maine 5th Infantry
  5. Parent, Louis Canada,; 1842, pvt, I, 37 Mass. Inf. , Also in G 19 Mass Inf., Aug. 18, 1862-July 22, 1865, GAR Phil Kearney Post #7, Aberdeen, Brown Co., SD
  6. Parritt, William Canada. 54th Mass. Inf.
  7. Parsons Walter W. Canada Vermont 8th Infantry B
  8. Parsons William Canada Vermont 11th Inf. M
  9. Pateneaud, Jeremiah Canada 23 Mich. 5th Inf. F
  10. Patterson, Samuel Malden, Canada West, 102nd U.S.C.T. (1st Mich. Coloured Inf.)
  11. Peaks, Jamesa St. Catherines, Canada West, 1st U.S.C.T.
  12. Peck, Porter P., Canada, 1843, lt, K, 4 Wisc. Inf., Also in 2 Wisc. Cav., April, 1861-Dec., 1865, GAR Joe Hooker Post #10, Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Co., SD
  13. Pembroke Charles P. , Maine 7th Infantry
  14. Pernel William born in Nova Scotia. 3rd U.S.C.T.
  15. Peterkin, James, D 59 INF Illi MONTREAL CANADA
  16. Phelps, Edward, Canada, 1829, pvt, C, 1 Cal. Inf., August, 1861-Aug. 31, 1864, GAR Phil Kearney Post #7, Yankton, Yankton Co., SD
  17. Phillips Charles St. John, New Brunswick. 3rd U.S.C.T.
  18. Pillin, John J., Canada, pvt, F, 18 Ohio Inf., June 5, 1864-Oct. 9, 1865, GAR George H. Thomas Post #5, Redfield, Spink Co., SD
  19. Popham John , Maine 30th Infantry
  20. Postent Peter Canada West, Coy I, 18th U.S.C.T.
  21. Powers, Thomas , Maine 2nd Cavalry
  22. Powers, Wesley J., (MOH), Corp., 147th Illi. Inf., Co. "F" * BIO *
  23. Pringle, Andrew G., Canada, 1841, pvt, G, 12 Ind. Cav., Oct. 18, 1863-Oct., 1865, GAR Ransom Post #6, Mitchell, Davison Co., SD
  24. Purmort, E. H., Canada, musi., H, 191 Ohio, Feb.-Sept., 1865, GAR Ransom Post #6, Mitchell, Davison Co., SD

    * The ones with * have Bio's.

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