Updated December 7th 1998

Civil War Veterans

(Unknown Regiment)

Wisconsin Shawano County identified as Civil War Veterans in the 1910 U.S. Census

1910 Federal Population Census

(Extraction of survivors of the Union Army - Shawano County, Wisconsin)

The followintg are persons who indicated on the 1910 Census of Shawano County, Wisconsin, that they served in the Union Army during the Civil War. (Enumerated in April through June, 1910.) Transcription by Gerald Dalum--All rights reserved. Information is presented here for personal, non-commercial genealogical use. Any other use of this file without the express written consent of the transcriber is prohibited. This list was copied with permission of Gerald Dalum. Please visit their page for the complete LIST for all the names.

1910 Federal Population Census

    Name, Age, Place of Birth, Year of Birth,Occupation

  1. Grooms, N. R., 72, Canada, 1864, Farmer
  2. Lee, Robert, 79, Canada, 1856, Own income
  3. McCully, Andrew, 61, Canada, 1855, Farmer
  4. McDonell, Duncan A., 65, Canada, 1861, Lumber dealer and logger
  5. McEwan, James, 75, Canada, 1859, Own income
  6. Wood, Frank Sr., 67, Canada, 1850, Farmer

    Other Unknown

  7. Kreutziger, Julius, Home Canada and eventually settled in Bad-Axe Mich., Unit Unknown