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Brooks Brothers

102nd U.S.C.T.

Dear sir;

This is in response to your request to hear from someone regarding the underground railroad and Canada.

My mother was born in Canada and migrated to Michigan in the late 1920s, her grand father Benjamine Brooks and her grandfathers brother Kichen {Kincheon} Brooks both fought in the civil war, in the Michigan regiment that was formed in Detroit, the 102nd USCT.

The oldest civil war vet Kichen {Kincheon} Brooks was born in Halifax county North Carolina, in 1832 and the 2nd son Benjamine Brooks (my great grandfather) was born in Canada...in 1836, so it is evident that they used the railroad in the 1830s, their father and mother are both buried in Canada.

I have found the mother, but we are looking for the father the father was born in 1806 his name was John Brooks.

My E mail address is gsb2@tir.com.

Gregory Branch.

My Great grandfathers name was Benjamine Brooks.

His birth on his headstone reads, "died sept. 26th, age 76 years, but on his volunteer enlistment form in 1863 he lists his age as 19 which would make born in 1843 or 1844 depending on his birthdate...and then in his own hadwritten statment...he states "born about 1840".

Benjamine Brooks enlisted in Lansing Michigan as a Private in Company A {1st Mich. Colored Infantry} 102nd USCT {United States Colored Troops} .

He was promoted to Corporal.

Benjamine was approx 19 years of age when he enlisted (did not have an official record of his birth) but was born in Canada (a chair matter which I believe this means he is entitled to dual citizenship which he took full advantage of).

His spouse Mary Ann Scott of Ontario.

Like many colored soldiers recruited out of British North America he could read and write.

His occupation was listed as Farmer and woodcutter.

He drew his pension of 25 dollars a month at age 55. Pension started in 1891.

Benjamine was 5'-5" tall was dark Brown skinned, weight 135 pounds. Black hair, Brown eyes.

He died on September 23 1912 and is buried in Longwood cemetery in Melborne Ontario Canada.

One thing that bothers me is their are no pictures of these men. Keep in mind that they were from escaped slaves and they resisted pictures. Said it was bad luck.

About his brother Kichen {Kincheon} Brooks.

He was born in Halifax county North Carolina, in 1832.

He enlisted in Detroit Michigan at the age of 32.

He became part of Company C 102nd United States Colored Troops.

Gregory Branch
102nd U.S.C.T.

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