Updated May 3rd 1999

Canadians in the Civil War

Names Starting by "O"

  1. O'Clare Alexander Canada Vermont 5th Infantry A
  2. O'Connor, Albert (CMH) , Wisc. 7th Infantry *

  3. Olscamp Joseph was from Cross Point, Quebec. It is believe that he was logging around Portland at the time that the Civil War broke out. He enlisted as a Private at Portland on July 29, 1863 in the Maine 16th Regiment Company K. He was taken prisoner and sent to Andersonville prison in Georgia. He was exchanged April 1, 1865.

  4. O'Neil, Edward Canada 23 Michigan 23rd Infantry E
  5. Ord John Canada Vermont 9th Infantry E
  6. Ordish, Benjamin Canada 39 Michigan 1st Arty H

  7. Osgood, A. P., Canada, 1830, pvt, H, 27 Ia , January, 1862-August, 1864, GAR George H. Stevens Post #23, Howard, Miner Co., SD

  8. Osgood, A. P., Canada, 1830, pvt, H, 27 Ia Inf., June, 1862-Aug. 2, 1864, GAR Sully Post #13, Pierre, Hughes Co., SD

  9. Owens, John Canada West, 18th U.S.C.T.

    * The ones with * have Bio's.

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