Updated February 22nd 1999

Canadians in the Civil War

Names Starting by "N"

  1. Nestor, John Canada 34 Michigan 1st Cav H
  2. Newal, James Ontario, Can, saddler, M, 4 Mich. , Aug. 9, 1862- , GAR Thomas J. Leavitt Post No. 103 Groton, Brown Co., SD
  3. Newcomb, J. J., Canada, pvt, E, 28 Wisc. Cav. Also in 4 Wisc. August, 1862-August, 1863 then Dec., 1863,- May, 1866, GAR Calvin Duke Post #143, Sturgis, Boh Homme Co., SD
  4. Nickerson John Montreal Canada Vermont 9th Infantry F
  5. Noble John , Maine 15th Infantry
  6. Noden, William, Hampton, Canada West, ass. surg., 10th USCT
  7. Nowland James , Maine 15th Infantry
  8. Nunnemaker, R. Canada, 1844, corp., H, 89 ?? Mich. , Sept., 1864-Sept. 1865, GAR Gen. James Shields Post #22, Madison, Lake Co.SD

    * The ones with * have Bio's.

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