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Welcome to Canadians in the Civil War. Life as taken priority these past few years. I am now starting to work on the page again. It will take me a while to catch up. April 27th 2004

With this page I hope to educate and entertain people about the over 50,000 British North Americans (Canadians) who faught for the Union and over 10,000 for the Confederacy.

Below I have added links to Canadian Information which I have gathered and some links to others pages.

I have just started on this page and I am transfering information daily to this page so please come back soon.

Letter Home

Knoxville Tenn.
December 23rd 1864

Dear Janine

I am writing you from the field of battle. All is well here. Winter quarters are a bit dull and all I can think when I see this, Very Smokey, fire is back home and the family.

Three long years as elapsed now since I left Ontario. As I mentioned before I left that the money was too good to pass. With the bounty I will be able to buy a descent farm where we will no longer have to worry about payments on loans.

How is our son. He must be 5 by now. I received the mirrow image of him you sent me. How proud I am of him. He is growing to be a very strong and good man.

Sgt. Johnston as been sent home to Michigan due to Rheumatism caused by continuous exposure and I was promoted 6 Sergeant in his place. This will give me an increase of 10$ per month.

I joined for the bounty and not the cause. Now 3 years later I find myself re-enlisting for the cause and not the bounty. It is funny how things change.

Knoxville is a pleasant place but not as pleasant as Bytown is to me. They say we will go on leave in spring. Maybe you could meet me in Detroit as the voyage to Canada would only allow me a few days with you. By meeting in Detroit we will have approximately 2 weeks.

I have enclosed 20$ and there are another 40$ owed to me for the last 2 months pay. Due with this as you think is best.

That is all for now. Give my Love to Robert and tell him his father will return soon.

Address your letter as usual to Pvt Church John, 9th Corps, 2nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Company "A"

Your Devoted Husband
John Church

This is just a sample of what a Civil War letter would have been like. It was writen to purely entertain and is not an actual letter. In these pages I will be adding all kind of Canadian in the Civil War Information.

I have only started this page on January 3rd 1999 so please be patiend and visit often. By this I hope to Educate (bad word lol) Inform and Entertain you.

Please take the time to visit our other pages.

2nd Michigan Home Page

Your Obd Svt

Pvt Church
2nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry
Company "A"

Canadian in the Civil War INFO.

Why the Candians Fought Jan. 21,1999 Medal of Honor
2nd Mich. British (Canadians)
Other Canadians Links
CDN Soldiers Stories & Bio's
May 7,2000
Canadians in the GAR Feb. 12,1999
Memoirs of Thomas Moore(Unp)
Britain/Canada 1861-1865 Jan. 18,1999
Canadians by Alphabet
May 7,2000
Canadians by State & Unit May 29,2000

(Unp) These are Unpublished Memoirs. Warning they are pretty Graphic.

USCT,CC & CHA = United States Coloured Troup, Cavalry & Heavy Artillery.

Other Canadian Information

The Underground Railroad
Cdn Confed. in Arlington
Aug. 30,1999
UGRR The Buxton Settlement
Sept. 8,1999

UGGR = Underground Railroad

Canadians Coloured Soldiers

USCT,CC & CHA Pt 1 Feb.18,1999 USCT,CC & CHA Pt 2 Feb.18,1999
USCT Monument Aug. 30,1999 Cdn Coloured Surgeon USCT Aug. 30,1999


Please Click HERE to go to the State & Federal Information.

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