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Updated May 18th 2000


  1. Adams, John Canada West. corporal.
  2. Adams, William Canada West,
  3. Brown, Henry Canada West. corporal.
  4. Burrell, Edmond Canada West. corporal.
  5. Burton, William Canada West. sergeants
  6. Fromman William. Montreal, Canada East. Sergeants
  7. Green, Major Canada West,
  8. Hill Thomas Canada East.
  9. Johnson, William Canada West,
  10. Lewis John Canada West. corporal.
  11. Monroe, Pryor Canada West,
  12. Owens, John Canada West,
  13. Postent Peter Canada West, Company I, was a blacksmith.
  14. Taylor, Henry Canada West,
  15. Thomas, Henry London, Canada West, succumbed to illness on November 25, 1864 at Benton Barracks near St. Louis, Missouri. He was 18 years of age.
  16. Tomson, Albert Canada West,
  17. Washington, Samuel Canada West. age 21, died at Bridgeport, Alabama, one on March 21, 1865, It is possible that it was Samuel Washington who was buried in grave number 363 in Bridgeport, Alabama and transferred to grave number 553 in the coloured section of the National Cemetery in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and not the British North American born George Washington of the same company and regiment, who is listed on the Chattanooga cemetery roll. George Washington was a hired substitute who deserted on September 16, 1864, a month after his enlistment.
  18. Washington. August Canada West, Company E,
  19. Watson Jerry Canada West. became 1st Sergeant of Company E.
  20. White, Smith Canada West. age 19, died at Bridgeport, Alabama, one on February 16, 1865. He is likewise buried in the coloured military cemetery at Bridgeport, in grave number 432, and transferred to the coloured section of the National Cemetery at Chattanooga. He now lies in grave number 498 in the latter cemetery.
  21. Williams John Hamilton, Canada West, Company F, was a waiter,
  22. Williams, Peter Canada West,
  23. Willis, Thomas Canada West, He was a 26 year old boatman. From the Buxton, Canada West area,

Coy = Company
AAE = Age At Enlistment
DLB = Date, Location of Birth
DLE = Date, Location of Enlistment
DLD = Date, Location of Discharge
TLDD = Type, Location & Date of Death
DofD = Died of Disease

If you know of any other British North Americans (Canadians)please advise me.

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