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Updated July 15th 2000



1st Cavalry

  1. Curran Patrick Coy M Home Compton Canada East Rnk Pvt. DLE 07 January 1863 Other Info deserted on 22 November 1864

  2. Hibbard Eli Coy B Home Canada East Rnk Pvt. DLE 01 December 1861 Transfered to RC Other Info deserted on 09 September 1864

  3. Jaques Edward N. Coy B Home Canada East Rnk Pvt. DLE 25 April 1863 Transferred on 21 June 1865 from Coy B to Coy E Mustered Out DLD 09 August 1865

  4. Liberty Lewis Coy K Home Canada Rnk Pvt. DLE 13 November 1861 Other Info deserted on 10 December 1861

8th Cavalry

  1. Harding Charles Coy M Home Montreal (Quebec) Canada East Rnk Corp. DLE 17 October 1862 Transferred on 21 June 1865 from Coy M to Coy F Promoted to Sgt. on 01 January 1864 Reduced to Corp. on 10 April 1865 Mustered Out DLD 9 August 1865

11th Cavalry

  1. Lull Ralph Coy L & M Home Canada Rnk Pvt. to Wgnr DLE 16 May 1863 Transferred on 13 July 1863 from Coy L to Coy M Promoted to Wagoner on 13 July 1863 (As of Co. M) TLDD DOW 07 June 1864

Table of Abbreviations
Coy = Company AAE = Age at Enlistment
Rnk = Rank DLB = Date and Location of Birth
DLE = Date and Location of Enlistment DLD = Date and Location of Discharge
KIA = Killed in Action MIA = Missing in Action
POW = Prisoner of War DIP = Died in Prison
DOW = Died of Wounds DofD = Died of Disease
TLDD = Type, Location & Date of Death DOAI = Died of Accidental Injury
NOR = Not On Rosters I found GAR = Grand Army of the Republic
Bty = Artillery Battery

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