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Updated March 15th 2000

Canadians in the Civil War

Names Starting by "K"

  1. Kelley, William, St. Johns NB Canada Vermont 9th Infantry F
  2. Kellogg, Edward B., Canada, 1841, pvt, 15 Vt., nine months, GAR Gen. James Shields Post #22, Madison, Lake Co.SD
  3. Kennedy, Lawrence -or- Canada, Lawrence Detroit 44, Mich. 18th Inf., C
  4. Kennedy, R. D., Canada, com. Sgt., K, 6 Mich. Hvy. Art., Aug. 19, 1861-Aug. 23, 1864, GAR Silas A. Strickland Post #127, Hot Springs Fall River Co., SD
  5. Kenney, Alfred J., Canada, Vermont, 8th Inf., B
  6. Kenney, Marcus M., Canada, 1843, pvt., H, 31 Ia Inf., Aug. 9, 1862-July 27, 1865, GAR Colonel Ellis Post #53, St. Lawrence, Hand Co., SD
  7. Kerr, James, Maine 5th Infantry
  8. Kilburn, Marcellus D., Sgt., Barnston Canada, Vermont 9th Infantry E
  9. Kilrain, J. G., Canada, 1844, pvt., B, 26 Ia, Aug. 4, 1862-June 6, 1865, GAR General Lyon Post #11, Canton, Lincoln Co., SD
  10. King, Thomas G. , Maine 15th Inf.
  11. Kitching, Robinson, Maine 6th Infantry
  12. Knights, Stephen, Sgt., Sherbrook Canada, Vermont 10th Inf., A
  13. Kreutziger, Julius, Home Canada and eventually settled in Bad-Axe Mich., Unit Unknown

    * The ones with * have Bio's.

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