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Updated February 23rd 1999

Canadians in the Civil War

Names Starting by "H"

  1. Hagerty, Asel (CMH) , New York 61st Infantry CMH *
  2. Haines, Roger B. , Maine 7th Infantry
  3. Hall, Asiel, Canada pvt H 12 Ill Inf Aug. 4, 1861 Aug. 3, 1864 Silas A. Strickland Post #127, Hot Springs Fall River Co., SD
  4. Hamlin, Michael J. , Maine 2nd Cavalry
  5. Hancey, Charles Canada 102nd U.S.C.T. (1st Mich. Coloured Inf.)
  6. Handy, Francis Chatham, Canada 26 Michigan 8th Infantry U
  7. Hannah, John Canada 19 Michigan 17th Infantry U
  8. Hannah, Robert, Montreal (Quebec) Canada, pvt, F, 15 Ill... Vol. Inf., GAR Colonel Ellsworth Post #21, Lennox, Lincoln Co., SD
  9. Hanselpaker, James H. , Maine 7th Infantry
  10. Hanselpecker, James H., Maine 1st (Light Mounted) Artillery
  11. Hanson, Aaron , Maine 6th Infantry
  12. Happa, Frank D., 37 INF Illi MONTREAL, CANADA
  13. Harding, Charles Cpl. Montreal Canada Vermont 1st Cavalry M
  14. Harkness, Richard, Sherbrook (Quebec) Canada East, Vermont 8th Infantry B
  15. Harrison, Charles Canada 3rd U.S.C.T.
  16. Harvey, Hiram, Barnston Canada Vermont 10th Infantry K
  17. Haskell James Montreal, Canada East 54th Mass. Inf.
  18. Hasnipp, Henry , Maine 15th Infantry
  19. Hatward, George , Maine 12th Infantry
  20. Hawkins, Charles Canada 3rd U.S.C.T.
  21. Hawley, Oliver A., Canada West 1836 pvt sgt F 8 Ill Cav Sept. 30, 1861 June 30. 1865 Kilpatrick Post #4, Huron, Beadle Co., SD
  22. Hay, William H. , Maine 15th Infantry
  23. Hazzard Samuel Nova Scotia Canada 54th Mass. Inf.
  24. Healey, Terrance , Maine 15th Infantry
  25. Hearty, John S. or Harty, John S., Canada, 20, Mich. 16th Inf., Coy F
  26. Hegarty, Timothy, Maine 1st (Light Mounted) Artillery
  27. Henderson, Irad M. , Maine 19th Infantry
  28. Henry, John, born in Toronto, Canada West., 3rd U.S.C.T.
  29. Henson, James, Canada, 102nd USCT (1st Mich. Coloured Inf.)
  30. Hewes, Joseph H., Orford Canada East Vermont 8th Infantry B
  31. Hibbard, Eli, Canada East Vermont 1st Cavalry B
  32. Hicks, Jacob Canada West, 20th U.S.C.T.
  33. Higgins, Thomas J. (CMH) , Illinois 99th INFANTRY CMH *
  34. Higney, Michiel , Maine 15th Infantry
  35. Hill Thomas Canada East. 18th U.S.C.T.
  36. Hill, Titus, Canada East Vermont 8th Inf., B
  37. Hines, Thomas, Canada 1814 pvt I 2 Ohio Cav Vol Aug. 13, 1861 Feb. 15, 1862 Phil. H. Sheridan Post No. 72 Faulkton, Faulk Co., SD
  38. Hogan, James , Maine 1st Cavalry
  39. Hokins, Monse B 47 INF Illi CANADA WEST
  40. Holland, John, Canada, 102nd USCT. (1st Mich. Coloured Inf.)
  41. Holland, Thomas, Canada East Vermont 8th Infantry E
  42. Holmes Charles Hamilton, Canada West 54th Mass. Inf.
  43. Holsinger, William H B 47 INF Illi CANADA WEST
  44. Hopkins, Charles Canada East Vermont 11th Infantry C
  45. Houghton, George L. (CMH), pvt, Born in Canada in 1843, Served Aug.12,1862-June 6, 1865, Illinois 104th INF., GAR Keogh Post #64, Deadwood, Lawrence Co., SD CMH *
  46. Hubbell, James P., Canada 1845 sgt C 6 Mich Cav Sept. 5, 1862 Sept. 1, 1865 General Rowley Post #112, Frederick, Brown Co., SD
  47. Huckins, Lorenzo D., Canada 1842 pvt I 38 Ia Aug. 21, 1862 Aug. 15, 1865 Reno Post #35, Kimball, Brule Co., .SD
  48. Huckins, Samuel, Canada 1832 pvt G 15 Ia Inf Oct., 1864 July, 1865 Joe Hooker Post #10, Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Co., SD
  49. Hugh, Monroe , Maine 9th Infantry
  50. Hughes, Alexander, Canada, 1847, pvt., B, 7 Wisc. Inf., May 23, 1861-Oct. 1864, GAR Phil Kearney Post #7, Yankton, Yankton Co., SD
  51. Hughs, William S. Canada 19, Mich. 27th Inf., D
  52. Hull, Henry Dorchester, Canada, AAE 23, Mich. 1st Arty, A
  53. Hull, William W. Canada. 54th Mass. Inf.
  54. Humphrey, Stephen D, B, 47 INF Illi CANADA WEST
  55. Huntoon, John, Barnston Canada, Vermont 9th Inf., E
  56. Hutchinson, George St. John, New Brunswick., 3rd U.S.C.T.

    * The ones with * have Bio's.

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