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Updated February 21st 1999

Canadians in the Civil War

Names Starting by "G"

  1. Gallagher, Patrick , Maine 15th Infantry
  2. Geddis, William , Maine 9th Infantry
  3. Gibbeau, John -or- Canada 25 Gibbons, John Michigan 1st Cav G
  4. Gibbs, William Canada East Vermont 11th Infantry C
  5. Gibson, George , New York 96th Infantry *+
  6. Gibson, Joseph , New York 16th Heavy Artillery *+
  7. Gibson, Robert, Penn. 46th Vol. Infantry *+
  8. Gibson, William Canada East Vermont 3rd Infantry H
  9. Gilfillin, Joseph, Canada, 1840, pvt, E, 16 Mich., Feb. 16-July 8, 1865, GAR Kilpatrick Post #4, Huron, Beadle Co., SD also in GAR Joe Hooker Post #10, Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Co., SD
  10. Gillman, George E G 141 INF Illi CANADA CORNER
  11. Gilmore, John C. (CMH) , New York 16th Infantry *
  12. Gilyer Hammel Nova Scotia Canada 54th Mass. Inf.
  13. Girouard, Raymond, Acton Canada Vermont 9th Infantry A
  14. Glass, John A. , Maine 6th Infantry
  15. Godfrey, William B 47 INF Illi ELORA CANADA WEST
  16. Godkin, Thomas Jr. AKA T.Godkins , New York 160th Vol. Infantry *
  17. Gordon, Alexander Canada 30 Michigan 1st Cav H
  18. Gordon, George C., Canada, Coy I, Go See Bio on 24th Mich. Page
  19. Gould, Ernest, Canada East, Vermont 8th Infantry B
  20. Gould, Henry, Canada East, Vermont 8th Infantry B
  21. Gould, John H., Ontario Canada, 1849, pvt, D, 53 Ill. Inf., Jan. 8-Dec., 1862, GAR Sully Post #13, Pierre, Hughes Co., SD
  22. Goutier, Michel, Kinsey Canada, Vermont 3rd Infantry C
  23. Graham, Charles E. Hereford, Canada East, 41st USCT 1st Lt. also served in the 5th N.H. Inf. & the 13th NY Inf.,
  24. Grant, Alexander Canada 38 Michigan 1st Cav H
  25. Gravelin, Nelson Canada East Vermont 1st Infantry C
  26. Gredon Charles Windsor, Canada West. 6th,7th or 8th U.S.C.T.
  27. Green, Allen V. , Maine 6th Infantry
  28. Green, Major Canada West, 18th U.S.C.T.
  29. Griffin Henton St. Catherines, Canada West. 6th,7th or 8th U.S.C.T.
  30. Grooms, N. R., 72, Canada, 1864, Trade Farmer, Unknown Regiment
  31. Grout, O. V., Canada, 1840, pvt, D, 7 Minn., Aug. 14, 1862-Aug. 18, 1865, GAR General Lyon Post #11, Canton, Lincoln Co., SD
  32. Guinnette, Charles B 47 INF Illi ELORA, CANADA WEST
  33. Guyett, John, Canada, pvt, D, 5 N.Y., Aug. 14, 1862-June 13, 1865, GAR William Stanley Post #148, Hermosa, Custer Co., SD

    + The ones with + are related

    * The ones with * have Bio's.

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