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Updated April 6th 2002

Canadians in the Civil War

Names Starting by "D"

  1. Daggett, Leonard H., N.B., Pvt., H, 9th Maine Inf., Bio
  2. Dairah, Levi, Canada, 1832, pvt, F, 44 Wis. Inf., Sept. 21, 1864-July 2, 1865, GAR Kilpatrick Post #4, Huron, Beadle Co., SD
  3. Dalton, John , Maine 2nd Cavalry
  4. Damon, Joseph, Canada, 1833, pvt, H, 27 Ia. Inf., Also in K 16 U.S. V.R.C., 1862-1865, GAR Silas A. Strickland Post #127, Hot Springs Fall River Co., SD
  5. Dans, Frederick , Maine 6th Infantry
  6. Darlington, John , Maine 15th Infantry
  7. Davenport, Nathan S. Canada East Vermont 3rd Infantry G
  8. Davis, Frederick C. ,Cpl to 1 Lt. Phillipsburgh Canada East Vermont 5th Inf., Coy A
  9. Davis, Frederick Montreal Canada Vermont 1st Infantry A
  10. Davis, William Canada. 54th Mass. Inf.
  11. De Hart, Cornelius , Mich. 2nd Vol. Infantry *
  12. Deering, John , Maine 15th Infantry
  13. Defort, Stephen , New York 49th Vol. Infantry
  14. Delany, Patrick, D, 15 INF. Illi., TORONTO, CANADA
  15. DeLong, Henry, Canada, 1841, pvt, D, 30 Wis. Inf., Aug. 31, 1862-Sept. 20, 1865, GAR Burnside Post #24, Cavour, Beadle Co., SD
  16. Dibean, Peter, Quebec Canada, 5th Mich. Inf. and 8th Mich. Cav. Bio
  17. Dickson, J. M., Woodstock Ontario Canada, 12 Ind. Cav., Dec., 1863-1865, GAR Sully Post #13, Pierre, Hughes Co., SD
  18. Doan, John Canada West 22 Michigan 16th Infantry U
  19. Dodd, Robert F. (CMH) , Mich. 27th Infantry *
  20. Dodds, Edward E. (CMH), New York 21th Cavalry *
  21. Dolan, Thomas, Corp.-3rd Sgt, 38th Wis Inf Company E. *
  22. Doo, Elijah, Canada, 102nd U.S.C.T. (1st Mich. Coloured Inf.)
  23. Douglass, John, born Montreal, Canada East., 6th U.S.C.T.
  24. Downey, John , Maine 16th Infantry
  25. Doyle, E. W., Canada, 1847, pvt, G, 2 Mich., March 13, 1864-July 28, 1865, GAR Ransom Post #6, Mitchell, Davison Co., SD also in GAR George H. Stevens Post #23, Howard, Miner Co., SD
  26. Duchesne, Joseph N. , Maine 2nd Cavalry
  27. Duprach, W. H. , Maine 7th Infantry

    * The ones with * have Bio's.

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